Current Research

  1. Malhotra, P., & Bhattacharyya, S. (2018, June). Large Scale Online Brand Networks to Study Brand Effects. In Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Malhotra, P., Bhattacharyya, S., (2019). “Online Brand Networks: A new approach to brand positioning” – Under revision at Journal of Marketing

Summary of paper

Understanding brand positioning is a fundamental area of business research. The authors propose a new, scalable approach for inferring brand positioning using implicit brand networks on social media. Compared to previous marketing approaches that rely on substantial human intervention, this automated approach is unsupervised and does not require a-priori assumptions on the underlying data. Specifically, the inclusion of network derived measures allows researchers to assess a brand’s position not only against a set of common competitors, but to any other brand in the ecosystem; uncovering a broader picture on both within industry competition and across-industry complementarities. Perceptual maps, obtained from the network, help uncover competitive landscape of brands along the dimensions: centrality and distinctiveness. To investigate the usefulness of our proposed methodology, we validate the findings from our automated approach against external survey ratings and conduct extensive robustness checks to ensure reliability of underlying Twitter data. The core contribution is a new methodological tool that not only provides an efficient way to infer a brand’s position, but also give granular insights into why that positioning occurs.

3. Malhotra, P., Bhattacharyya, S., Zhao, K. (2019) “Inferring Market Structures from Online User Activity” Submission to Information Systems Research (by Fall 2019).

4. Malhotra, P., Bhattacharyya, S., (2020) “Information flows in Knowledge Networks” – Submission to Management Science (by winter 2020)

5. Zhao, K., Lu, Y., Malhotra, P., (2020) “The Role of Content Similarity in Audience Engagement: Evidence from Live Streaming Platforms” Submission to Information Systems Research (by winter 2020)

Malhotra, P., Bhattacharyya, S., (2019) “Branding in the age of social media: A comparison of user-brand relationships in the digital ecosystem” – Work in Progress – Data Analysis Phase

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